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We Yoga Warehouse Offers Authentic, Quality Classes

By Dasha Morgan- We Yoga Warehouse has recently opened in Weaverville. Nikki Flood, the founder and leader, has brought together a group of talented instructors, who want to make the experience of yoga something new, beneficial and not intimidating.

Shikha Chandok, visiting from India, and Nikki Flood, the founder and owner of We Yoga Warehouse, as well as their yoga aficionado, Winnie relaxing on the swing, all invite you to join a class soon.

There are classes seven days a week from beginners to advanced. The intimate attractive setting is a place where yoga practitioners will undoubtedly develop a community of friends and find themselves unwinding and relaxing.

Nikki has spent a great deal of time to make the setting warm and inviting, where one will enjoy spending time and visiting—with many seating areas for conversations before or after class.

The space is cleverly decorated, allowing for natural light to enter from openings in the ceiling. Of course, all shoes must be taken off at the entrance before walking in.

We Yoga Warehouse has a number of highly qualified and trained instructors. Jonathan Harrah is one of the Ashtanga teachers, teaching Mysore; he has studied with some of the most highly respected Ashtanga teachers throughout the world. Ami Nicholson teaches Yin Yoga and Yin Flow with its focus on the breath and gentle stretching for a mind/body connection.

Mia Younce teaches Hatha yoga, the foundation of all yoga; Mia is not only a teacher of Hatha but a life practitioner of all that Hatha yoga embodies. Bruce Barkus has had intensive Ashtanga training and has an amazing story to share on the healing effects that yoga can have in one’s life.

Nikki Flood, the founder, also shares the love of Ashtanga due to the profound impact it has made on her life. Because of this she offers an introductory class for anyone interested in learning this series—all levels are welcome. All We Yoga Warehouse teachers are highly qualified and have entered yoga instruction for a variety of reasons. The classes are small. Instructors are welcoming to all levels and are able, as well as willing, to give individualized attention.

Creative ideas are flowing throughout the schedule. Besides the Ashtanga, Yin Flow, Vinyasa, and Hatha classes being offered throughout the week, a Black Light Class is held every Saturday night.The Black Light Hour is held in a black light room with intense pilates, power flow and dance from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Saturday nights.

A Meditation hour is offered in the middle of the day. The Meditation Hour is offered as a time for anyone looking to find stillness in the day. The studio and your yoga mat becomes a spot to enjoy peace and quiet. Perhaps you just needed to get away from the chaos of the office for a short while and chill. Now you can. Come for 5 minutes or enjoy an entire hour.

A visiting instructor was Shikha Chandok, who was one of Nikki Flood’s teachers during her training in Rishikesh, India, where Nikki received her teaching Yoga Certification a few years ago. They became friends. In speaking with Shikha, she said, “Yoga was born in India.” She sees that the people in the West are now embracing it. Although it can be seen as part of Hindu tradition, it is not a religion.

It helps someone to connect with their inner self; it is a lifestyle, a means to feeling happier. Yoga can offer someone a wider range of physical motion and be healing. Breathing actively and properly is very important.

It calms you down and helps you to focus. It is a guiding power to reaching your inner self, but yoga should not be considered a religion. It is a lifestyle for a better life with many noticeable benefits.

Rishikesh, India, is known as the Yoga Capital of the world, and many from all over the world including many Westerners, come to the Ashram there to participate and study. Yoga can be considered a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

It is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Nikki studied there, where she lived, ate, slept and was totally submerged in a Yoga learning experience. The Ashram is on the banks of the Ganges in the lap of the Himalayas and a place to learn from originators of the practice. She found that many spoke English and learned that approximately 80% of those there were from the West. As she said, the training she received and the brilliant conversations were just unbelievable.

Nikki grew up in Dallas, Texas, in a home, that was basically homeopathic, so the pursuit of yoga seemed a natural extension of an already established lifestyle. Once, when visiting Western North Carolina, she heard the “call of the mountains” and realized that this area would a wonderful place to live.

Soon after, as she saw kids gleefully walking to the library just enjoying the small town atmosphere, she fell in love with the town of Weaverville and decided to move there. As a result of her time in India and after having “gone straight to the horse’s mouth” for information, she was inspired enough to open her own studio and share her love of yoga with others.

The We Yoga Warehouse is open for business and offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of ability. She and her staff look forward to instructing someone in the benefits of yoga.

Perhaps it is time to start on a new journey to reduce stress and increase flexibility, while receiving personalized attention from knowledgeable and able instructors. The warehouse motto is: “Let go—Surrender to something new—Devoted to being the bridge between traditional and contemporary.” And keep in mind, the current promotion— 30 days for 30 dollars. For more information go the or just stop by 89 Reems Creek in Weaverville, or call Nikki at (239) 877-5090.

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