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Trump Haters Demonstrate That Virtue Isn’t A Team Sport


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Carl Mumpower, BCGOP Chair – Remember middle-school? You should, because that’s where most people lay the foundation for their lifetime social model.

You may recall that virtue, maturity and grace were not exactly the skillsets marking that chapter of life. For far too many adults, those three years in crazy land becomes a permanent theme.

Thus, we have a partial explanation for the lack of sanity in our nation’s governance model. We live in a time where middle-school thinking has us operating out of cliques and a popularity chase that would make an in-crowd cheerleading squad look like amateur hour. Civility and sincerity are similarly AWOL in today’s political opera.

Need an example of our nation’s adolescent regression? How about one of the most debated and vilified Presidents in history – 45?

From candidacy to the present moment, our country’s CEO has been a remarkable source of consternation, conflict, and controversy. Is it because he is good or bad – real or fake – dangerous or courageous? Buncombe’s 46,000 Republicans have a view and we’d like to use the accusations of his antagonists to make our ironic point – in an ever-shrinking adult leadership pool, President Trump is one of the strongest swimmers.

The President is stupid – No, he is not infrequently careless with words, but no one with any direct historical or current contact with the President sees him as stupid. Just the opposite in fact. He’s quick on his feet, processes information with a speed, depth and breadth that very few leaders can duplicate, and he has a trait very uncommon to politicians – candor. He says what he thinks, not what you want to hear. That all takes smarts plus. Successfully obtaining the highest office in the land further confirms his cognitive credentials.

He’s trying to destroy the 1st Amendment – Nope, he’s actually trying to do just the opposite. Our President isn’t resistant to critical press – he’s resistant to bias and liberal advocacy. He has reason to be – by objective measures, 90% of mainstream press is antagonistic to him at a political or personal level. Calling them out is no different than Teddy Roosevelt similarly challenging the “Yellow Journalism” of his day. Does no one remember Obama and Hillary relentlessly attacking FOX, talk radio, Breitbart and other conservative news outlets? For President Trump’s real view on journalism, watch him interact with anyone attempting to be fair, objective and sincere to investigative ethics. He gets it that without the eyes of a healthy press, we will have an increasingly unhealthy America.

He won’t release his taxes – Shazam, this proves collusion with Russia or other grand scale corruption. Well, no, not really. Like every President before him – think Obama and his grades – there is information he is willing to make public and information he is not. We won’t argue the point, other than to say he’s not alone and that this is a tempest in a teapot he refuses to fuel. Trump is President – those who disagree with his conservative approach are free to resist such. The unprecedented introduction of prejudicial, relentless and ruthless verbal assignation merits countering opposition by the President and his supporters.

He’s obsessed with being liked – For a guy that supposedly needs everyone to like him, 45 has a curious approach. He’s notoriously open with his “take it or leave it” thoughts – politicians wanting to be liked unfailingly rely on speaking please-a-nese. Think Hillary under most circumstances. If being liked is job one, wouldn’t a guy who gets himself elected to the Presidency have enough sense to know that taunting the media would not result journalistic happy faces? This President doesn’t want to be liked – he wants to be right and to make a difference – and he’s on target with both far more often than not.

He surrounds himself in sycophants – In case you’re not up on that last word, it’s associated with yes men, ring kissers and others who seek favor over truth and effectiveness. What this President wants is competency, honesty and loyalty, not yes men or women. How do we know that? Look at who he hires. Anyone who sees John Kelly, John Bolton, H.R. McMaster and James Mattis as shy little daisies prone to cowering at anyone’s feet doesn’t know these guys. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has more fortitude in her right pinky than most family’s can muster at a 3-generation reunion. Fact is our President surrounds himself in competent people a bit like him – they have a courage button, think outside the box and get things done. If you can’t meet those criteria, your tenure will be short and it won’t have anything to do with kissing the bosses ring.

He can’t work with people – Ask the members of Congress that were antagonistic to our President’s candidacy and election how they now feel. Most would tell you they are amazed at what he has done and are delighted to be working with a conservative minded leader who follows his promises. They are persistently surprised by his values, courtesy and savvy leadership. If you can get elected with one party totally against you and one partially against you and then try hard to work with Congress, then you know how to unite people toward common goals. That’s leadership.

He’s divisive – Face it, in today’s America, anyone with the courage to say “no” to anyone’s needs, special interests or opinions is considered divisive. President Trump refuses to participate in “promise something for nothing” political pandering and he’s certainly not into being blackmailed by the zillion special interest groups accustomed to having first place at the trough. Telling the truth is divisive wherever people seek to live outside of reality and reason for the same reasons setting boundaries with children is not popular with children.

He’s a dictator – This is probably one of the most foolish forms of false witness brought to bare on our 45th President. By word and deed, this President is sincerer to his Constitutional oath of office than anyone we’ve had in that seat in a long time. Do you know that oath? Here it is – “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Pretty easy words to say, but per the behavior of most of his predecessors, not so easy to do. In action and deed, this President is on his A-game with the Constitution. Whether it is in protecting our borders, putting America first, standing up to threats and economic warfare or raising the obvious (the Paris Climate accord was a farce having more to do with penalizing America than impacting our environment), this elected executive gets his responsibility. Those who don’t like the constraints of the Constitution are understandably upset with his “dictatorial” dedication to upholding our guiding document and his word.

He wants to kill the judiciary – This accusation is fun. The President recently called out the 9th District Court of Appeals – located in San Francisco – for their latest ironic attempt to paralyze the executive office. The Chief Justice had the nerve to go after the President for daring to suggest that trackable fact. In a pattern echoed by many, Justice Roberts stayed silent when former President Obama did precisely the same thing and did he miss Justice Ginsburg’s recent hostile comments toward the President? Robert’s is wrong about another thing – we do have Trump judges and Obama Judges. The former make a patterned attempt to reach for the deeper truths of the U.S. Constitution. The latter make a patterned attempt to reach for the deeper agendas of the liberal-progressive-socialist movement attempting to usurp that compass.

By now you’ve noticed another pattern – attacking our current President for saying the very same things that his predecessors have said. As a matter of fact, almost every “controversial” thing the left-leaning media routinely criticizes President Trump for has been duplicated by 44 or 42. That coverage hypocrisy reveals why our President retains animosity for the corruptions and bias of the fourth estate and others so clearly devoted to his opposition’s agenda.

No one in leadership deserves a blank check. This President is not asking for one. He does seek fairness. You can help by being an informed supporter.

That begins with learning how the opposition thinks as surely at how our side things. It ends with refusing to be a rhetoric echo versus an independent thinker. Those seeking to be part of today’s version of a middle-school in-crowd predictably offer opinions devoted to obtaining man’s favor. Culturists devoted to reason and reality step over popularity to a more principled agenda – truth.

That’s the kind of President we have – and we should celebrate his pluck.

One last point. No man who ever made a real difference in the world was not targeted by those devoted to their version of status quo. Bitterness, envy, strife and dishonesty always screech at courage, character and conviction.

In a fallen world, virtue is not a team sport…
James 3:14-18 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.

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