The Real Healthcare Crisis

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The common denominator of all chronic degenerative illnesses is an inability for cells to effectively use oxygen and water.

By Bill Downs – Albert Einstein said, “If you want to find the best solution, you must first be able to define the problem.“

Over the last 50 years we have seen an increase in chronic degenerative diseases. Healthcare costs continue to rise because most of these maladies are being treated symptomatically through surgery and expensive drugs that are in many cases, not actually treating the cause of the problem.

“Healthcare” is an inaccurate title because our healthcare system is focused on treatments to reduce, mask, or block symptoms, not on rebuilding the healthy function of the body. The reduction or masking of symptoms cannot be interpreted as the presence of health! We are placing a dependence on a healthcare system that in some cases cannot achieve our health expectations.

Pharmaceutical companies must maintain and increase profits, so it is more profitable to treat ill health rather than find a cure. The REAL healthcare crisis is “not knowing” the cause of illness while trying to treat it.

Extensive review of the evidence indicates that the common denominator of all chronic degenerative illnesses is an inability for cells to effectively use oxygen and water. Cells are essentially “suffocating”. This prevents the body from achieving an internal environment that performs healthy metabolism (i.e. make and manage energy, and eliminate cellular wastes). The biological environment is deteriorating, resulting in the development of disease conditions.

According to the CDC, the #1 health malady in the U.S. is digestive problems. This is where the body is unable to absorb and transform nutrients from food and supplements into body tissue properly. You can buy the most expensive supplements, but if they are not being absorbed into your system, they are not working.

New Technology for biological absorption

A new patent-pending Prodosome® technology (trademark of Victory Nutrition International, Inc.), is an ‘SK713 SLP’ absorption technology. Research has shown that Prodovite® (a proprietary multi-vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient complex) using the Prodosome technology, rapidly absorbs in 100% of the people in 5 minutes or less. Prodovite was shown to restore cellular ability to use oxygen and water with unprecedented results. [Downs B, Kushner S, Aloisio T, et al. Funct Foods Health Dis. 2015]

Bill Downs is a nutritional biochemist with 92 research papers published in the peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has authored and co-authored chapters in scientific text books on various health topics. He is the founder and CEO of Victory Nutrition International, Inc., the exclusive source of Prodovite®; the only dietary supplement that has published clinical research validating that the Prodosome® technology provides “Nutrition That Gets In®.”

Bill Downs will be at the Living Well Expo at the WNC AG Center, Saturday, March 25th 9am-5pm, Booth #309 to answer questions about Prodosome Technology. He will also be at the Holiday Inn, 42 Tunnel Rd. on March 26 & 27th at 7pm for a free lecture to the public.

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