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The Left Keeps Selling Lemons

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By Carl Mumpower, Chair-  In recent weeks we’ve had bunches of opportunities to catch our opposition doing bad things. Topping the list was their shameful behavior during the State of the Union Address.

By now you’ve seen and heard all that’s necessary to land on two observations – (1) President Trump did a great job under very antagonistic circumstances and (2) Many of those in attendance need to double-down on their maturity pills.

But today, we’d like to direct your attention to three other blue flags coming from the left – their call for NC Medicaid expansion; local Senator Terry Van Duyn’s contribution appeal; and the pièce de résistance – the stark exposure of their horrifically casual approach to the sanctity of new life.

Let’s begin with a direct statement – Medicaid is an underfunded, hollow and dysfunctional exercise in governmental pretense. Brand-X’s recent call for Medicaid expansion was reliably tacked to their go to strategy – promising something for nothing.

It comes as no surprise that those with no skin in the game are for anything that comes out of someone else’s pocket. What continues to surprise is that adults imagine we can promise something for nothing without consequence. In the case of Medicaid expansion, the problems are legion.

The same leaders who push entitlement programs also reliably under-fund and expand these programs beyond their functional capacities. The consequences are hospitals – like our own Mission system – that find themselves increasingly unable to survive too many patients who put nothing in but take a lot out through a program that doesn’t remotely cover the cost of service. Those of us who pay for private insurance persistently subsidize that gap.

Wondering why Mission Hospital system has been sold to a third string for-profit company? Look strongly at how Medicare and Medicaid programs have been strangling that facility for years.

Brand-X likes to create programs that secure voter loyalty – they are terrible at finding reasoned and reliable ways to pay for those programs. There are good reasons that healthcare providers are dropping out of Medicaid – it’s a broken effort that puts the burden of responsibility on everyone but those receiving the services.

Per usual our friends on the left are aided by media outlets who unwittingly or otherwise tilt in the same direction. We are grateful for any opportunity to bring a conservative voice to the table, but the fairness equation also deserves a seat. WLOS offered a great example in a clip of a week or so back – https://wlos.com/news/local/nc-democrats-introduce-bills-to-expand-medicaid. In this two minute and twelve second information piece our friends on the left got two minutes and the conservative view less than twelve seconds.

That’s a pattern that works for lemon selling politicians – not for viewers trying to make their way to a point of truth on a complex subject.

The solution to healthcare access will not be found in “big promise – low delivery” government programs. Unleashing the unlimited powers of our currently super-constrained private enterprise system is the answer to this important issue. Why? Because the system that put a widescreen TV in the home of just about every person – poor or otherwise – in America can do the same thing with healthcare.

Buncombe’s State Senator Terry Van Duyn is reaching for higher office. Unfortunately, like many of her peers, she is relying on dishonesty to give her a boost. Case in point was a recent fund-raising letter.

Consider this exert – “During my time in the State Senate I’ve fought back against the Republican majority’s attempts to eliminate a woman’s right to access abortion, receive lifesaving mammogram screenings and to live out fulfilling lives.”

Sorry Terry – you got it wrong (or you were intentionally dishonest) three times in a row.

Republicans aren’t attempting to eliminate a woman’s right to access abortion – we’re attempting to address the fact that your side has lost all connection to reason on the sanctity of new life. We believe that viewing 60 million intercepted lives as a celebratory landing place is amoral and dangerous to all concerned – most especially women and the children of the future who, without the Republican Party, would have no voice.

As for Republicans seeking to eliminate “a woman’s right to receive lifesaving mammograms,” are you really that naive or do you recognize your use of deception as a campaign tactic? May we encourage to check yourself and/or your handlers?

Lastly, you asserted that we Republicans do not want women to “live out fulfilling lives.” Not sure who drew up that bit of hyperbole, but we do know you signed it. Mind if we suggest that taking the essence of a woman’s unique grace – the capacity to bring new life into the world – and corrupting it into what has become a political version of Murder, Inc. is about as antagonistic to fulfilling women as one can get?

Do you really not understand that behind every single one of those 60 million intercepted lives is a woman who went through a painful physical-emotional process that is impossible to pull off within echoing impacts?

Allow us to conclude by suggesting that saying something with enthusiasm doesn’t make it true.
New York state leaders just approved a new law that secures a woman’s abortion rights essentially up to the point of delivery. We get it that this doesn’t mean full-term mothers are going to be flocking to the local abortion clinic – just that they can. We get it that most of this state law merely echoes the “heartbeat stopping” craziness found in Roe v. Wade. What we don’t get – or rather find appalling – is that instead of trying to put smart minds together to find better answers to this wholesale slaughter of new life (and most especially minorities), you guys are trying to double down on the folly. Heck, you are even smiling while you are doing it.

All of these are examples of how the left continues to sell lemons to the naive, vulnerable, fearful, young and ill-informed. Reliably, the leaders of the Brand-X movement count on five selling points – (1) The promise of something for nothing (2) The purposeful vilification of their opposition – us – as an emotional vs. factual exercise (3) The presumption elitist Democrats are smarter than the rest of us (4) The practice of dehumanizing those who disagree with their positions and (5) The pursuit of big government as a preference over big people.
We appreciate our left-minded friends for doing things like they do. It provides us opportunity to reaffirm our own crucial point – The Republican Party remains the only organized political movement capable of stopping their extremes.

If you’d like to help – we’d love to have you. The Republican Party sells reality, reason, responsibility and right – not lemons…

Each week the editors of The Tribune are selecting a communication from the Buncombe County Republican Party we feel will be of value to our readers. You can learn more about your local Republican Party’s efforts at BuncombeGOP.org.

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