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Shutdown Solution

Letter to the Editor

Negotiation – discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

Difficult to do when one party refuses . The activities of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are crippling us. When the lights go out one calls an electrician. When faced with a dilemma, such as our borders we consult professionals. We’ve done that, Conclusion , “ Wall would definitely aid in our efforts” Guess Chuck & Nancy know more than the people actually protecting us. What a concept. Change your opinion based on more knowledge through discussion.

First responsibility of congress is to protect our nation. President Trump is doing just that. Pelosi once said “ We need to pass this so we can find out whats in it” (Obamacare). We know whats in this. The Democrats inability to converse has positioned on our nation. The repression they’ve place on the members of your own party not agreeing with them runs parallel to the restraint placed on everyday Americans… Way to Lead!

I’d like to thank President Trump, our representative Mark Meadows and his associates. At least their efforts are for the greater cause of the United states rather than just doing Nothing!

William (Bill) Bach
Old Fort, NC

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