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Mark Meadows Stands for National Security

Letter to the Editor

“Government shutdown is not really about a wall”. Correct. It is the Democrat “resist, resist, resist” philosophy. “…functioning governments require negotiations …”. Also correct. Speaker Pelosi should be negotiating instead of taking a luxurious vacation in Puerto Rico or a seven day junket.

Congressman Mark Meadows doesn’t favor shutdown. I hope at every opportunity he is advising President Trump that border security is absolutely necessary for this country as we know it to survive. I hope Congressman Meadows is reminding President Trump that President Reagan made the mistake of taking the word of Democrats who promised a wall in exchange for a one-time amnesty but reneged and are now asking for another amnesty (DACA).

In 2009, Chuck Schumer said strong border security was necessary. He denies that. Watch One America News network for the truth. Congressman Meadows doesn’t favor shutdown but he puts our country ahead of illegal immigrants. Schumer and Pelosi put illegal immigrants ahead of our country and 800 million unpaid workers due to Democrat inaction.

Our national defense is the President’s foremost duty, to which border security is key. I urge Congressman Meadows and President Trump to stay the course to achieve a bipartisan agreement ending shutdown.

Ted Carr
Bethel, NC

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