Just how are Our County Commissioners picking our next County Manager?

By Fremont V Brown- As most have heard due to some irregularities going on in the management of Buncombe County the seven-member Board of County Commissioners is looking into some new management. Good deal.

But, just what are they using for their tic-off sheet of qualifications? I would think experience would be Number 1. Wouldn’t you? And how many years? Just maybe look into getting a criminal back ground check? You just never know what may turn up. I would hope, they would also check out the newspapers from the counties the applicant worked in, to see if any reports of problems showed up with their management. And that would be just for a start.

Since the job of county manager is very complex as they will be working with many different departments with many different needs and duties would it not be a good idea to go down a list of ALL departments and ask them to explain just want each department does and how they would work with said departments? Maybe even have a question and answer session with each department head? And then get some feed back from the department heads?

Does the applicant understand that they implement the Commissioners policies and take directions from the Commissioners? I seem to remember that one of the previous county managers thought they were running the county – not the Commissioners. Do they understand just what powers they do and don’t have in running Buncombe County?

How knowledgeable are they in matters of financial management? Have they put together budgets and how large of a budget? Do they have any experience in economic development packages? Bonds? Do they understand ALL of the county services? What degrees of study do they have for example a Master of Public Administrators? And what were their grades as they acquired their degrees? How do these degrees help in the management of Buncombe County?

I would also think the County Commissioners would work from the same list of questions and ask the same questions of each applicant to gauge their personal skills, strategic thinking, judgment, honesty and integrity.
Do they understand they must be open and straightforward with the County Commissioners?

What does the applicant feel that makes them stand out and be the best one for the job? What makes them SPECIAL?

Why, do they want this job? Why are they not staying at their last job?

Commissioners meet at 5:00 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 200 College Street, Suite 326 in downtown Asheville. The next Commissioners Meeting is on February 5th.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if at the NEXT and EVERY Commissioners meeting the room was filled with voters to see just what is going on? Give their feedback to the Commissioners?

Just maybe the Commissioners will get it right this time. We will just have to wait and see.

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