‘Citizens for Reparation’ stir council into action

Asheville City Council
Asheville City Council

By Leslee Kulba

Asheville – Citizen comment on Asheville City Council’s resolution to support reparations for slavery passed during Tuesday’s July 14 online meeting was overwhelming and unanimous in favor of said reparations.

The resolution only mentioned reparations broadly, as forming committees, performing studies, and calling on higher bodies of government to develop strategies and policies to “create generational wealth and boost economic mobility and opportunity in the black community.” Whereas comment in the former meetings was largely cut-and-paste, this time, psychologists, educators, artists, college students, and pastors composed original paragraphs covering the talking points; only seven shared their preferred pronouns, though.

Supporters referenced a history much different from that related in what they considered “revisionist” texts written by white supremacists about humble Protestants fleeing religious persecution. To them, the United States was built on the premise of Manifest Destiny. Greedy white men conquered land, killed Native Americans, and imported and enslaved Africans so they could amass greater wealth. Then, they created police departments for the sole purpose of capturing runaway slaves. And to this day, police departments continue the legacy of keeping people of color subjugated and on the plantation. Councilwoman Sheneika Smith wished out loud that the education

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