Buncombe Republicans Have an Opportunity

By Carl Mumpower, BCGOP Chair- Did you know there are well over 46,000 registered Republicans in Buncombe County? If all of those registered Republicans were voting Republicans, the ravenous appetites of our Brand-X opposition would be majorly constrained.

That vision is not yet our reality, but some of us are working to make it so. We need your help to pull it off.

The election is behind us and we’ve had a good month to reflect on the outcome, celebrate our hard work and successes and learn from the challenges. There are points of upcoming action that need good heads, hearts, hands and spirits to bring them to life.

With the holidays before us, many are also settling into the traditions of the season. It’s a well-earned rest for the engaged volunteers of the Buncombe Republican Party family.

May we suggest this might be a good time to ponder the possibility of your stepping toward a leadership role in your local Republican Party?

On the first Saturday in March, the Buncombe GOP will hold our annual Party convention at the Buncombe Courthouse. This is the odd numbered year during which we elect or reelect our respective officers for a two-year term of service.

Might you destined to be one of them? If so, may we meet and talk about the possibilities? I can be reached directly at or (828) 252-8390 and would welcome the opportunity to.

There’s another helpful starting point we’d like to add to your plate. How about a quick list of leadership qualifications that we’ve found helpful? Here are a few of the standouts –
(1) Leaders devoted to unity and constructive action over drama and intrigue
(2) Leaders who like to work and get things done
(3) Leaders who share a belief in our Party’s principles and platform
(4) Leaders who bring us together versus assuming a “Chinese Warlord” approach to organizational development
(5) Leaders enthused about helping Republican candidates get elected
(6) Leaders who believe in playing by the rules – every time – every place
(7) Leaders who understand the difference in a party of shared values versus a party of competing personalities
(8) Leaders who go the extra mile to deliver on their promises (think President Trump for a role model).
(9) Leaders who understand that to beat the opposition we have to out think, out create and out work them.
(10) Leaders who understand the Republican Party stands as the only organized political movement capable of stopping the accelerating harms and excesses of the left.

If you believe you have these qualifications, please give your engagement serious consideration. Let me know if I can help in any way – including explaining the duties of the various roles within the organization.

Just after the first of the year I’ll be making my own personal decision on running again as chair. Please add the possibility of becoming a part of the Buncombe Republican leadership team to your own December check list.
The BCGOP – relentlessly stepping over the obstacles of the negative to the opportunities of the positive…

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