Baked Pie Company takes the cake

By Morgan Cook- In 2017, Ingrid Cole moved from Atlanta to the Asheville area and began her career making pies with her sister Kirsten Fuchs.

Ingrid and Kirsten are becoming well known for their scrumptious pies!

Ingrid was born in 1970 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. At six months old her family moved to Fort Lauderdale because her parents got jobs at Broward College. She spent the majority of her life there.

Growing up, Ingrid loved music; a passion she still has today. She recounted singing her first solo in church at age eight and she has been singing ever since.

Her father was the choir director of her church growing up. He was always helping her get better at singing, something they bonded over.

She passed on her passion for singing to her daughter, JoAnna. They sang together for a long time, and now JoAnna is a music teacher.

She was 27 when she got her union membership card. At the age of 31, she made the move to Atlanta. It was here that she was working as an actor and singer for a living. She has traveled to nearly every state except for Hawaii. Her most recent job was in the play Menopause the Musical. She is also planning to work in Mary Poppins in Atlanta this September.

In 2017 she made the move to the Asheville area where she joined her sister making pies. Kirsten owns the Baked Pie Company location in Arden and Ingrid has half ownership of the Woodfin location.

Ingrid described her sister as the “mastermind” of the operation while her acting career gave her an edge of the marketing and business side of things. She explained that the pies they sell are not only family recipes, but they are something customers find nostalgia with.

People remember pies that their families made and that is something Ingrid loves about her job. Naturally, she wants the Baked Pie Company to continue to expand and grow.

At the Baked Pie Company, Ingrid loves to get community members to come in and have a good time. They host a variety of events, including a pride night, two different quilting groups, and a men’s bible study. They also do Shennanigans with Ingrid once a month. This is an evening where Ingrid had improv games, singing, and an interactive storytelling time for the kids while parents can relax with a coffee and a slice of pie.

She is currently a member of the First Baptist Church in Woodfin where she is a member of the choir. She talked about how much she loves her church and doing local missions work. She has also been to Zambia twice. Ingrid is also a music coach and she teaches improv classes amongst her other activities.

When asked about the Asheville area, and why she decided to live here when she has been so many other places, Ingrid stated, “I have traveled to so many states and met the people and there’s no place like the south, there’s no place like Asheville.” She loves the inclusivity that the area offers.

She stated that she also loves that you can be sitting in traffic and all you have to do is look over and see the amazing views and life is better.

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