Asheville Racquet Club hosts Land of the Sky Pickleball Tourney

Pickleball has become a fast growing sport throughout the US in the past few years, and its growth in our mountain region is no exception. The exercise and recreation is enjoyed by adults and youth alike. Asheville Racquet Club South hosted the Land of the Sky Pickleball Tournament last weekend.

Kebo Earwood (father)  and Gageman Earwood (son) from Shelby, NC.

Play started on Friday morning and continued throughout Saturday and Sunday. There were 225 pickleball players of all ages registered for this tournament. Pickleball is currently the fastest growing sport in the US, and the Asheville Racquet Club is providing a popular location for this growth in the area. The tournament was run by local individuals, but the affiliated organization is called “Epicpickleball.

ARC’s Mindy Mettee is excited about the increasing interest in pickleball and commented that their capital project calendar has two major pickleball components; 1. In the Spring of 2020, 3 of the outdoor hard courts will be resurfaced and will have permanent pickleball lines painted on 3 of those courts.

The ARC South location used its indoor tennis courts for the pickleball tournament as well, so the weekend matches continued non-stop,  indoors and outdoors.

Photo courtesy of Icon Media Asheville

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