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Asheville College Student provides startup EATS2SEATS

By Mary Laci Motley-  EATS2SEATS is a staffing business that connects local NPOs with a simple fundraising solution. E2S provides small grassroots organizations with access to the financial backing they need to serve their communities.

An affordable housing NPO, which EATS2SEATS is a benefactor for. EATS2SEATS will sponsor an entire house build in the next few years. Mary Laci Motley, an Asheville Resident, spearheads E2S in Chapel Hill.

The origins of EATS2SEATS can be traced back to my sophomore fall semester at Carolina. I was raising money for a local non-profit with my soon-to-be business partner, Ryan Totz. Through these efforts, we realized the NPO we were helping struggled to raise money due to its size and small pool of available volunteers.

We connected with UNC’s sporting venues to offer a simple fundraising solution that would restructure the current staffing procedures so that smaller NPOs would be able to access funds by volunteering for concessions on game days.

By connecting small NPOs’ needs for funding with the venue’s need for a concession stand staff, we are able to generate significant financial backing for community improvement efforts.

At UNC, we have partnered with an affordable housing charity that aims to address the housing crisis in Orange County and will fully finance a house build within the next few years.

The circular business model delivers value not only to local NPOs, but also to concession operations. By providing consistent and reliable staff, venues will save thousands of dollars, which in the past, were often lost to last minute no-show staffing costs.

This upcoming year, we are expanding to four new locations and will be implementing our infrastructure at UNC, UT, UVA, and ECU. EATS2SEATS operates off the idea of generating profits for purpose with an intersection of business and community service.

We are constantly looking for new NPO groups to support. If your organization functions to serve the community and is in need of fundraising, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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