A Special Place to Purchase Your Holiday Gourmet Items

By Dasha Morgan –

With holiday festivities just around the corner, this is the perfect time to stop by the newly opened New York Butcher Shoppe just off Long Shoals Road—at 200 Julian Shoals Drive, Suite 10, Arden, NC.

The Grand Opening with the Asheville Chamber of Commerce took place this October to celebrate the New York Butcher Shoppe’s opening in South Asheville. Photo courtesy of Chamber of Commerce and Big Frog Custom T-Shirts.

The owners, Brenda Bruker and her husband, Robert, noticed that the Long Shoals corridor seems to be booming with growth, so they decided to open their doors in the area with gourmet foods, elegantly prepared. The shoppe seeks to fill a unique niche with only quality items — fresh and delicious— in their offerings.

The luncheon sandwiches are already a big hit. And their customers are all enjoying having a qualified butcher—Anthony Johnson— present to prepare their selection to their exact specifications—be it just a particular cut of beef, a crown roast with paper frills or a beef Wellington beautifully wrapped.

Jeff Vigue, the General Manager, is there daily to take care of your requests. At the New York Butcher Shoppe, the beef is only Certified Black Angus; and the pork is Cheshire Pork—both considered the best of the best, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

NY Butcher Shop Wine Club Dinner

The Asheville New York Butcher Shoppe cuts are always Top Choice or Prime, which provides well marbled, very tender, consistent steaks. Each week they feature a different specialty item, from Wagyu beef to custom meat grinds, to ensure that there is something fresh and delicious to take home each day.

The casseroles are made at the shop daily with fresh ingredients; and there is a Wine Club to join for a once a month dinner event. The monthly Wine Club subscription for $49.99 includes a multi-course dinner on the 2nd Thursday of each month; carefully selected wine pairing with each course; two free bottles of wine from the monthly featured selection; and a 10% discount all month long on wine purchases.

Thanksgiving is close at hand, so you might want to hurry in to order one of their free-range all-natural turkeys which they get from Joyce Farms. With production limited, it is important to put your order in right away for a wholesome bird, which has been allowed to range free and fed no artificial ingredients or hormones.

Brenda and Robert Bruker are the owners of the New York Butcher Shoppe, which specializes in Certified Black Angus Beef cuts and many other gourmet items. It is now located in Arden. Photo courtesy of Slow Glass Pictures.

The turkeys are available in three sizes all priced at $3.99/lb: a 10 – 14 lbs turkey feeds 6 to 8 people; 16 – 20 lbs feeds 9 to 12 people; 20 – 24 lbs feeds 13 to 16 people. Of course there are a number of casseroles and side dishes that you can pick up—such as a green bean casserole, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, or broccoli salad. With a chef prepared casserole, all costing close to $20 and serving 8 to 10 people, there would be less to worry about on Thanksgiving Day.

The New York Butcher Shoppe currently has 13 locations in five states, mainly in the Southeast. It was founded in Mt. Pleasant, SC in 1999 by the D’Elia family. The D’Elia’s were from Brooklyn, NY where the father worked in the meat business his whole life.

After moving to the Charleston area they saw a need for a “local” butcher shop and opened a store. Popularity of the concept grew quickly, so franchise locations were offered in the Charleston area. In 2006 the company was acquired by Butcher Shoppes International, LLC of Greenville SC. which is owned and operated by Jim Tindal and Todd Prochaska.

The front entrance of the New York Butcher Shoppe in South Asheville, where you will find a wide variety of delicious gourmet items.

Since taking over the franchise system, new locations have been developed across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. The Delia’s, who were the founders of the concept, continue to operate their store to this day in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

So if you haven’t stopped in yet, with the holidays just around the corner, go by South Asheville’s New York Butcher Shoppe—to make your meal preparation a bit easier by purchasing a casserole, or to find that special, delicious item for a holiday treat. You can take a look at their website: and order it ahead by calling 828 676-0594. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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