A Doomed to Fail Leadership Model

By Carl Mumpower, Chair- In a hard world, it’s good that time has a way of smoothing the edges off hard times. Even the memories of the recent tragedy of 9-11 softens amidst the never-ending challenges of a new day. In the face of that grace, it’s easy to believe the harsh realities of today are somehow worse than those in the past and that our future is thus fraught with peril.

In truth, America has always had edgy times and some were really edgy. Today’s miseries are different, not necessarily worse.

The American Revolution pitted us against one another with a fierceness that left the outcome anything but predetermined. After we won that one, Great Britain tried round two and literally kicked our fannies all over the place until they ran into a stone wall down in New Orleans. Once again, it was touch and go.

The Civil War was a horrific event that literally tore us in two. Had Lee won Gettysburg, that war might have done so permanently. The intense darkness of those times still echoes five generations later.
When one looks back in detail, the cultural division and antagonism preceding our entry into WW I was astounding. Some of the anarchists of that day make today’s Antifa wannabees look like rebellious kindergartners.

Then there were the sixties. Were you around when the Black Panthers ambushed a New York police department with automatic weapons? How about the bombings, race riots, and chaos coming from other social activists deciding that anger and violence were more fun than peace?

Nothing of man’s hand is characterized by consistency, maturity or reason as a reliable pattern. We have always had challenging times – and have no reason to expect today to be different. What is different is how today’s chaos is unfolding, how many people are being pulled in and the weapons being applied.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a conservative thinker. Congratulate yourself, you are on the right side of nature and history. You are going to be proven right and will eventually win the “smarter than your foe” prize. In the short-term, however, your position is not unlike that of America immediately after Pearl Harbor. For awhile its going to seem like the bad guys are having it all their way.

Make no mistake about it, the Progressive-Liberal-Socialist movement and their marketing agency – the 21st century Democratic Party – are the bad guys. We don’t say that because they are our opposition or because their view on the issues differs from our own. We say that because their methods and mission are dangerous. It’s simply not possible to get to good places through bad means and Republicans are dedicated to keeping America a good thing.

The left’s toolbox merits very direct challenge. By any objective social, scientific, spiritual or experiential measure one can find, anger, dishonesty, denial, violence, greed, and elitism are toxic. May we explain why?

Anger is a poison that destroys the container that holds it. Anger is addictive – and if you feed it, it grows in intensity. Anger blinds its victims and distorts their view of reality, reason, responsibility and right. When that happens, the seeds for self-destruction are sown. Need we argue that the left is angry – very, very angry?

Honesty is the foundation of everything that is good. Without it, nothing constructive can be accomplished. Dishonesty turns real mirrors into funhouse mirrors – it distorts our perception and when that happens, failure is eventually assured, every time and everywhere. The left’s “ends justifies the means thinking” is dedicated to dishonesty as a primary propaganda tool and though they routinely deny it, please remember that the most practiced liars lie to themselves first.

Denial is a by-product of addiction. All of the destructive behaviors mentioned above are addictive and the consequence is simple – for every ounce of addiction there will be a matching ounce of denial. Over time denial blinds one to reality and when we lose connection to reality we run into walls. Denial is raging through the left like an epidemic.

The destructive powers of violence are self-explanatory. Its temptations are also apparent – it’s more stimulating to blow things up than build things. The impact is violence is immediate and powerful. The long-term consequences are equally powerful, but in a harmful way. The left is embracing violence – verbal and physical – with increasing enthusiasm and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Greed is one of the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins. Man has always been vulnerable to the promise of something for nothing. When you boil it down, this is the essence of our opposition’s platform – “we will give you a whole lot of whatever it is you as a voter want and you will have to sacrifice nothing for it”. That’s not how the real-world works – so we know it’s a lie – but many voters – especially the impaired, vulnerable and young – don’t. It’s just so easy to overlook the much-echoed caution that any government with the power to give you everything has a matching capacity to take everything.

Elitism is the subtlest of the left’s licenses to destruct. Like despots and authoritarian power grabbers throughout history, the idea “I know more than you” is an enticing entitlement. Once the vision of personal enlightenment seizes the brain, it takes over like a cancer. That’s why so many authoritarian thinkers are so brazen in 21st century America. Narcissism, not reason, is in cognitive control.

We share this dark information with a positive purpose – that you will resist the temptation to take the much-perceived inevitability of the left’s success too seriously. In deeper fact, they are doomed to fail because the tools they are using are broken.

But there is a problem – actually a couple of them.
Too many people on our side are clinging to the assumption that America has some kind of special immunity from self-destruction. That silly notion makes it exceedingly easy to stay out of the fight and rely on divine intervention to secure our future. God – indeed – has a reliable history of helping those who help themselves. A quick review of the Republican Party platform thankfully reveals we are still a party of faith and thus have that accountability filter – but we have to have skin in the game.

Secondly, even though the left is doomed to fail, it won’t necessarily happen quickly or without accelerating mayhem. Shooting stars burn the brightest just before they burn out.

That means we are in for some rough times and though in the long run nature’s relentless dedication to reality, reason, responsibility and right are on our side – bad means can rule ruthlessly for short times.
Standing up to the left’s malevolent means thus remains important. We know they will lose – we don’t know how much of what makes America so special will go down with them…

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